Terms and Conditions

Changes & Cancellations

We require all of our interested persons to officially inform us through an email or via a phone call in case they want to make any changes or cancellations to their application after submission. One month prior to arrival we require a deposit of 250 USD / 200 EUR to support the airport pickup and host family preparation. This deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellations less than one month prior to departure.

Please note there is no application fee, and accordingly it is free for everyone to submit an application for processing. Once your application is processed and you have been accepted to one of our programs, we will be available for 1-on-1 discussions concerning payment Options. For more Information visit our length of stay and cost page.

Cancellations of programs after being accepted, but prior to a deposit being paid, will be accepted through email or phone call.

Above all, we ask that you be respectful of our organization, and the hard work of our local full-time team, by providing adequate notice of changes or cancellations to your program

Program Behavior, Complaints and Disciplinary  Measures

All volunteers and interns are expected to behave in a manner that depict a positive image of this organization. West African Health and Education Foundation reserves the right to remove any volunteer or intern from his/her project whose behavior goes against the ethical and moral guidelines of our organization. This primarily includes:

  • repeated absence or tardiness from your placements
  • showing disrespect for your host family, placement supervisors and colleagues, other volunteers, our community partners, or the WAHEF team

Additionally, we are available and open to your Feedback as well. Our entire Team, including our Executive Director, are available for you to directly contact should you have any questions, concerns, or other issues before, during, or after your volunteer placement.

Accommodation/Food And Working Hours

It is one of our primary responsibilities to provide all of our participants with accommodation and food for the periods of their stay in Ghana. Some of the host families have some common basic house rules that must be followed and respected. In case of any misunderstandings and disagreements with your host, please try your best to resolve it with them by talking to them in person and if it does not work or it is beyond your ability and capability then you have to alert us at West African Health and Education Foundation so that we can support you. Please be aware that your trip in Ghana is expected to take you outside of your comfort zone, and you should expect to experience cultural differences, which will be discussed with your volunteer supervisor both prior to your arrival, and on your arrival day.

Working hours for volunteers will vary from project to project. Some projects requires you to work the normal school or office hours of the country whiles other project may require you to work less hours. All volunteers together with the project coordinator and the various supervisors will make a collective decision to come up with reasonable working hours to suit and satisfy all the parties involved. All working schedules are subject to changes and amendments.