Special Needs & Care

Our special needs & care volunteer program provides an opportunity for you to experience first-hand the challenges facing special needs students in West Africa, or to improve the quality of childcare services in our partners communities. Whether you’re a current special needs education professional, or a university/masters/PhD student in education, we’ll work with you to build a program to fit your needs.

At WAHEF, real-world experience is an understatement, and your special needs & care volunteer program means going beyond the classroom, so you can understand the challenges students face in everyday life. Seeing these challenges from another perspective is part of your experience, alongside your volunteer time in the classroom as well. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with students and teachers by teaching lessons in your area of focus, building lesson plans with teachers, and engaging with students outside of the classroom as well. We have core programs available for kindergartens and daycare centers, as well as high-need areas such as working with down syndrome students, or at our partner school for the deaf and blind in Cape Coast. Recent volunteers have been placed in the following locations: Day Care Centers – Cape Coast, Nkanfua, Elmina, Abura; Kindergartens – Cape Coast; School for the Deaf or the Blind – Cape Coast; Aboom Special Need School – Cape Coast.

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