Arrival Procedures

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Volunteers who come to Ghana to do volunteer work mostly fly into the country in the evening or night time. As soon as you step off the plane, you will be greeted by the humidity that is gonna hit you.

You will then go through immigration control and after that proceed to the baggage reclaim area which could be very crowded sometimes and may take a little longer than usual to retrieve your bags.

As you head to the main arrival hall, you have to be ready to have your bags and passport checked by security staff to see if the names match up and sometimes you might also be asked to open your bags for random search/checks even when you have nothing to declare.

There’s always a West African Health and Education Foundation (WAHEF) staff member waiting at the airport in the midst of hundreds of people at the main arrival area to meet you and pick you up to your final destination. As you walk out of the airport, you would have to look up for one of our members of staff waving a meeting sign with a West African Health and Education Foundation (WAHEF) name and logo on it and another sing with your name on it and we make sure that we send incoming volunteers and interns a picture and information of the staff member(s) who comes to get them at the airport at least a day or two before departure just to avoid any inconveniences (please don’t talk to or go with anyone who cannot welcome you with your full name and a few basic information about you).

Depending on what time you arrive in Ghana (Accra) we will determine if you stay a night in the capital city or travel straight to Cape Coast. If your flight is late in the night, then you will stay overnight in a decent hostel or a guesthouse in Accra which will be arranged by us and travel to Cape Coast the next morning to your host family where you will be staying the entirety of your volunteering period.

Introduction & Orientation

A volunteer supervisor will come meet you at your host family the next day after your arrival and your day will be spent entirely on getting a complete introduction and orientation, showing you how to get your way around the city, where important shops and places you need to know are located, health and safety matters and so on. The volunteer supervisor will then hand you over to the project coordinator after the introduction and your project coordinator will take you to your project placement for you to be introduced formally to everyone and everything.

In some cases, volunteers will walk to work or take a shared taxi and others will take a minibus known as tro-tro. Your project coordinator will make sure that you are familiar with the journey from your host family to your work place and back.

The main office of the WAHEF organization is on the main Kotokuraba Road, which is in the center of the city of Cape Coast. All the host families for our volunteers are a walking distance to the office meaning our staff are never far away from you. You will also be given a primary contact(s) which will mostly be one of the general manager of your volunteer supervisor who are available to assist you anytime you contact them. You can reach them by phone 24/7 or set up a meeting in person if you have any questions or encounter any kind of problem and they are always ready to help or assist you in anyway possible.