Accommodation and Food

All interns and volunteers who come to Ghana stay with host families who provide them with accommodation and food. All the host families are selected based on meeting our required standards such as; availability of water and electricity, cleanliness and on top of all this security. The host families will make you feel at home because your comfort is their priority. Some of the host families have rooms for one up to five persons and each host house has three to five toilets and showers. You will be provided 3 meals a day by your host family and we advice volunteers who cannot go back to their host families for lunch during working hours, to request for takeaway boxes before they leave the house for work or can buy lunch at their respective work places since most of the project placements has cafeterias and food court yards.

Each volunteer will have their own bed and a pillow with sheets and no one will share a bed with another volunteer. Some of the host families can host as many as 10 to 14 volunteers in their home at a time which means that some groups who are around this number can stay at the same host family and in a case whereby the number is more, we split the group into two different host families which are mostly close to each other or in the same neighborhood. So you will still be a stone throw away from your group members.

Some of the host families have some leisure time entertainment things like TV and DVD players to watch movies, play stations to play some TV games (FIFA, GTA, Call of Duty) and all kinds of card games. And some of the host families have Wi-Fi but you would have to pay to use it since it’s prepaid. Our staff mentor all the host families on a regular basis to ensure that all the basic needs of our international volunteers and interns are met and so is their well-being.