Volunteer with WAHEF

Our mission is simple: to increase the quality of healthcare and education in West Africa. And our volunteers are an integral part of our mission.

At WAHEF, we connect global volunteers to communities in need. Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and EMT’s, as well as teaching professionals and students, have the opportunity to challenge themselves by working together with local community leaders to increase and expand health and education services in a variety of settings. Whether working in our innovative mobile medical clinic, with local schools and school boards, or in large hospital Settings, our volunteers have experiences that they will never forget.

The WAHEF Promise

As a Ghana-registered NGO, our focus is on connecting global citizens to communities in need. Because of this, we provide volunteer opportunities for a fraction of the cost of what for-profit volunteer organizations offer.

And why?

It’s simple, really. Every dollar you pay supports only three things: our local staff, our office space and administrative expenses, and your host family. At the end of each calendar year, our profit is reinvested into growing our partnership base, or put directly toward project funding and medical supplies for our mobile health clinic.

What We Offer

You will be engaged, empowered, and inspired by our team and the volunteers you work beside. You will have the flexibility to work across multiple projects and placements, to ensure that you find your unique way of giving back. Our team will help you build relationships, and develop your understanding of the problems these communities face.

We will help you understand the driving forces behind these challenges. The most difficult adjustment our volunteers face is to adjust their “cultural lens,” to remove their personal bias and focus on addressing underlying issues that create the larger, more visible, problems. A misbehaving child in your classroom placement may be facing everyday life challenges outside school, and is frequently removed from school to support her family. A nurse on rotation may perform examinations without adequate medical equipment, because the government hospital has gone weeks without receiving medical supplies. These examples, and countless more, will be the heart of your experience at West African Health and Education Foundation (WAHEF).

A Tailored Experience

From our first contact with you, we’ll have one question: what impact do you want to make? Our diverse partnerships allow us to tailor fit a program to you, whether you want to focus solely on medical outreach, work with children directly in a classroom setting, or build an after school sports program to give children an escape after school.

Learn More about WAHEF

Want more information about WAHEF? Want to learn more about Cape Coast? Want to meet our team? Reach out to us directly with whatever questions you have. Follow the link below, or use the menu above, to navigate to our contact form. Once we receive your request, one of our team members will reach out to you directly.

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