Reviews from our volunteers

We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff, our placements, our communities, and we strive to provide the best possible experience for each volunteer, whether you stay for 6 weeks or 6 months. But don’t just take our word for it – hear what our volunteers have to say, or visit us on Facebook and Instagram to see our volunteers in action, using the links at the bottom of our site.



ANNA VAN DER KOLK, The Netherlands

I just came back from my 3 week trip to Ghana. It has been my second time traveling to Cape Coast. But my first time volunteering with WAHEF at the University of Cape Coast Hospital. The placement was very instructive, since I was changing wards multiple times. I’ve learned so much about many different infection diseases and was allowed in the theatre to watch different operations such as C-sections and a
Apart from the great placement, I got enough time to enjoy the culture. The team was always around to answer any question you could possibly have, which made me feel very welcome.
Would recommend this organization to anyone. The team is very reliable and they don’t overcharge you as the big organizations do.
I had a great time and am already missing Ghana. I will definitely come back!





The two week experience me, my dad, and my friend had in Cape Coast were awesome! I really have to thank the guys at WAHEF for what they did. Their kindness, attention to detail, and availability were second to none. Our host, Augustine, a WHAEF member, was particularly thoughtful! Always making sure our food and living experience was top notch.
They internship placements we had were unforgettable. As a medical student, I had the unique opportunity to scrub in and assist with surgical cases like Cesarean sections. The mobile health work we did was also warming and humbling. It’s nice that the work we do is tailored to our expertise – for example, we ran a survey to help collect data on the health of the communities. Further, I enjoyed delivering basic medical care to the villages. Aside from that, it was aways more than fun hanging out with the WAHEF members outside of work.
All in all, I would highly recommend WAHEF if you’re looking for a memorable and meaningful experience in Africa! They really will make sure you have a good time!




HARSHAL PATEL, New York, U.S.A.                         

The two weeks spent in Cape Coast were a blast! Stephen and the WAHEF team did a tremendous job organizing the shadowing and outreach opportunities, and in showing us around Cape Coast. In addition, the accommodations were great as Agustine and Roland were fantastic hosts.
The combination of shadowing at the University hospital, volunteering at the mobile health clinic, and exploring the local culture of Cape Coast made for a remarkable experience.
I would recommend WAHEF to anyone for making this a truly memorable and exciting trip!




ELLA DANIELS, Scotland, U.K.         

I have recently returned back to the UK after a month in Cape Coast, Ghana. WAHEF helped me organise a 3 week placement in the local teaching hospital where I was able to spend one week on the labour ward, one in paediatrics and another on the emergency ward. As a student nurse, it was an amazing learning experiencing for me both professionally and personally. I felt fantastically supported by the WAHEF team over the weeks – the guys were always available whenever I needed help. In my final week, based off of Stephen’s advice and knowledge, I was able to visit some local sites, such as the capital city Accra, Kakum National Park and Busua Beach, which were all incredible. My host family were extremely warm and friendly, welcoming me home every day after a shift with delicious meals. Having travelled to Ghana previously with a well-known large organisation, I would recommend WAHEF every time. Its small team made up of individuals who have grown up in Ghana means you get recommendations and experiences that just aren’t offered by larger companies! They are transparent about where your money is going and I felt at peace knowing I would be supporting local businesses and individuals. Thank you WAHEF for making me feel like a priority every day of my stay. I wish you – Stephen, Babs and Dennis – all the success for the future.





Traveling from the United States to Ghana for the first time (alone) was a bit scary but as soon as I arrived I felt comfortable and safe. Initially, WAHEF did a great job communicating with me to make sure I was ready for my arrival. During my stay, the team was always ready to answer any questions I had, they showed me around Cape Coast, and they made sure I saw everything necessary to soak in the culture. Accommodations and my host family were wonderful. I had a nice mixture of volunteering in a local hospital, getting to explore the city, and simply having fun. I would recommend this organization to anyone. WAHEF is doing big things! I enjoyed my stay and will surely be back!




MAX JOHNSON, Scotland , U.K.

I worked with Stephen in 2016 (as well as revisiting Cape Coast in 2017) within a care program working with a sexual health program, teaching in a local Cape Coast School as well as a spending time at a orphanage. Stephen gave me such positivity towards our work, and really helped build a relationship with our children.
As well as our work, I spent a huge amount of time in Cape Coast exploring the city and the culture.
I have faith in the programs that WAHEF is running, and I am excited to revisit programs as well spend more time exploring Ghana & West Africa!
–Feel free to message regarding work experience.





Es war bereits mein 3. Aufenthalt in Ghana, bei denen ich immer wieder mit verschiedenen Organisationen untergebracht war. Wenn ich mich entscheiden müsste, würde ich bei einem nächsten Besuch in Ghana, auf jeden Fall wieder WAHEF wählen! Das Team hat das perfekte Gleichgewicht zwischen Ernsthaftigkeit und Spaß  Ich fühlte mich allzeit gut vorbereitet auf die Arbeit und konnte mich bei Unsicherheiten 24/7 an das Team wenden. Super finde ich es auch, dass die Organisation auch Wert darauf legt, uns sowohl die Stadt, Sehenswürdigkeiten und die Kultur Ghanas’ vorzustellen, als auch Orte, an denen man gut einkaufen, relaxen und Party machen kann, zu zeigen.
Highlight war natürlich die tolle Gastfamilie mit leckerem Essen!!
Ihr seid toll Jungs, macht weiter so!
Und ich werde mit Sicherheit ein 4. Mal wiederkommen.





Thank you very much for having us! It was great visiting Ghana and having such a careful and well structured Team!
The Organisation helped me whenever i needed it especially when i arrived i felt very safe and got all the instructions in case of culture, behavior and of course my work at the schools.
It was a pleasure to meet you guys! Thanks for having such a great time in the wonderful city Cape Coast. I’ll come back !





A very nice organisation for Volunteers! We stayed in a nice host Family, which took very good care of us. The Team of the ngo was very nice and friendly and showed us around the City very well! They Visited the schools with us together, so we could easy get in Countact to the People we had to work with.
Thank you for your Engagement and your hospitality!





Ich hab mich während meines Aufenthaltes vom gesamten Team immer willkommen gefühlt und konnte mich zu jeder Zeit an jemanden wenden! Ich habe viel Gastfreundlichkeit erfahren und kann nur jedem empfehlen, mit WAHEF Projekte in Ghana durchzuführen!
Das Team ist spitze und man kann nicht nur während der Arbeit viel Spaß mit allen haben, sondern wird auch in der Freizeit durch die Kultur Ghanas geführt!
Einen großen Dank an ALLE!





Super Gruppe aus tollen Charakteren! Die Zeit mit dem Team war immer sehr witzig und durch eine tolle und respektvolle Atmosphäre geprägt.
Mir wurde immer geholfen und ich konnte mit allen Fragen die ich hatte auf das Team zu gehen.
Ich wünsche der Organisation alles gute beim weiteren Verlauf und hoffe auf Wiedersehen!
Daumen hoch.


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